Episode 5 Highlights: Money Hungry

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On Episode 5 of Chasing Maria Menounos, Keven finally visits the sperm doctor! Buuuut, things don't go according to plan after Maria takes a look at Keven's AfterBuzz budget. Every couple argues about money, but when you're in business together...it nearly comes to fisticuffs! Flip through the Episode 5 highlights, and tune in next week for the next episode of Chasing Maria Menounos!


Maria in 15 Seconds!

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Can't get enough Maria...but don't have a lot of time? Maria knows exactly what it's like to rush around, so here she is in 15-second snippets! Catch Maria hanging out with her dogs, getting some ice cream, heading to a baseball game (maybe) and dancing -- all in under a minute! Click "more" for 3 more videos from our official Instagram. 


Maria Revisits Her Painful Past

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Last night's episode of Chasing Maria Menounos was one of the more painful ones. You would think the pressure to face Keven's mother (referred to by Keven as "Mother") and tell her Kev was converting to Greek Orthodox would be enough anguish -- but it was the tip of the iceberg. Along the way to Mother', Kev took me on a detour down memory lane. Those memories were amongst the most painful I've ever endured. (Click "more" for Maria's full blog!)


Episode 4 Highlights: Back to Beantown! (PHOTOS)

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In Episode 4 of Chasing Maria Menounos, Keven and Maria head back to Boston! They visit Keven's mom, who thinks Keven has sacrificed waaaay too much for Maria. They also visit Nance, an old friend who put them up in her basement during a really tough year a long time ago. It's bitter, it's sweet, it's beantown! Oh, also...sausages. Flip through the episode recap. 


What Is Maria Like Off Camera? Her BFF Tells All!

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Maria and I met in 7th grade geography class. We helped pass a note between two girls and happened to stumble across some juicy gossip! Once class was over, Maria and I hurried to talk to each other about what we'd just learned. We realized we could not be any more different. Maria is an extrovert where I am an introvert. Maria has always jumped in front of a camera, whereas I'm pretty sure there was a 10 year period where nobody was able to capture me on film. It's for this reason that I think our friendship works and continues to work, even though our lives have led us down very different paths. (Click "more" for Alyssa's full blog) 


The Inside Story from Joe the Security Guard/Friend

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I first met Maria on set of Keven’s film 16 years ago. At first sight, I thought "ohh great! Another pretty girl to do nothing but distract everyone from doing their jobs and they will chase her around all day!" Boy was I wrong! She did nothing but kick ass and take names from her first day on. She came in and organized everything and everyone (me especially!!). She was making deals for the film that even our best producers couldn't get done!! She wanted so badly for the film to succeed, she was working 18 hour days for free. She did all the grunt work, too, like making coffee and cleaning up trash. (Click "more" to read full blog by Joe!)


Episode 3 Highlights: Keven the Greek! (PHOTOS)

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Tonight on Chasing Maria Menounos, Maria and Costas talk Keven into converting to Greek Orthodoxy...but how will he break it to his Italian Catholic mom? Then, Maria's entire career depends on her voice -- so what happens when a doctor tells her she can't use it anymore? Flip through the Episode 3 recap! 


Episode 2 Highlights: Conan, Mangrias and....Spermacologists? (PHOTOS)

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On tonight's episode of Chasing Maria Menounos, Maria won points with her hubby after promoting his movie on Conan...then she promptly lost points when she mocked his mama on air. Not cool! Will she succeed in coercing him to go to a sperm doctor? Check out the highlights from Episode 2, and tune in next week at 10/9c! 


The Hard Truth About Fertility and Aging

Maria Menounos' fertility doctor blogs about "the right time" to have kids...and why biology isn't always on your side.

by Melanie Landay MD |

So you’re not ready. Maybe you’re in school, developing your career, waiting for financial stability or simply haven’t met the right person yet. Whatever the reason, the time just isn’t right to have children and start a family. It’s understandable—having kids is a big deal, and you need to be in the right time and place. But, in the back of your mind you know the longer you wait to conceive, the harder it might be. And that perfect time may never come.


6 Reasons to Keep Watching 'Chasing Maria Menounos'!

...in GIFS!

by Christine Davitt |

On last night’s series premiere of Chasing Maria Menounos, we got a sneak peek into the whirlwind life of Maria Menounos – oh, and her boyfriend Keven, and her Greek parents, and her friend Joe, and her five dogs… all of whom live as a big happy family under one roof! If that doesn’t sound crazy enough, Maria’s a bonafide workaholic who describes her job as “24/7!” Click "more" for 6 behind-the-scenes moments to get you excited about the rest of the season! 


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